Icelandic Chickens are famous for their aggressive free ranging -- we give them a little bit of feed, but unless there's a foot of snow on the ground, these girls will be outside looking for plants, grubs, bugs, and more! The result is a medium-sized egg, BURSTING with flavor and nutrients! We also raise several breeds of brown and blue/green egg layers that forage alongside their Icelandic sisters. $3.50/dozen, $5/18.
Stock varies seasonally, we usually update at the end of the day; ask if it shows as out of stock, because we might just be behind on entry.

Eggs, Chicken

PriceFrom $3.50
  • All of our meat is raised on pasture, fed a low-GMO, low corn, low soy base diet, and forages on pasture. Our butcher vac seals and then flash freezes our cuts.