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NOTE -- Inventory of eggs changes daily. We do not track inventory; you place your order and we tell you how long until it will be ready, which may be several days depending on the amount you request. 


We have a mixed breed flock of hens and roosters that free range all day long! We give them feed, but unless there's a foot of snow on the ground, these girls will be outside looking for plants, grubs, bugs, and more! The result is a colorful basket of eggs, of all different shades and sizes, from snow white, beige, pinkish, cream, green, brown, spotted, dark brown -- we have them all! We distribute each day's production equally by size and color, so the exact sizes and mix will vary each time you get eggs.

The most important factor in determining an egg's taste is what the chicken that makes it is doing and eating, and all of our ladies spend their days outside foraging for wild greens, bugs, and worms in order to lay delicious, nutrient dense eggs.


Production varies seasonally -- our girls get to take their genetically-programmed breaks that their sisters in industrial farms don't get (due to artificial lights), so production is highest in spring and lowest in winter.

Eggs, Chicken

PriceFrom $5.00
  • All of our meat is raised on pasture, fed a low-GMO, low corn, low soy base diet, and forages on pasture. Our butcher vac seals and then flash freezes our cuts.
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