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Detroit Flight Path Farm is located on 41 acres in Romulus, Wayne County, Michigan. In addition to 25 acres of level cropland, we have a three-acre orchard and steward a 13-acre oak forest. We are located 30 minutes from downtown Detroit, 35 minutes from the university town of Ann Arbor, and 90 minutes from Lansing.

Our farm gets its name from Detroit's Metro Airport, just two miles to the north. But the name is not just a nod to our geography; like the planes that fly over, we have a set course as we work to transform our land from a conventional farm to a sustainable food system that improves the environment, our economy, and our community.

After decades of stewardship by the Paulch family, current owners Kim Williams-Guillén and Paul Buzzard purchased the property in fall 2017. We are now working to bring the latest in agroecological research to the farm, with a focus on transforming it into a perennial system incorporating  native fruit and nut trees, diversified pasture, and humanely raised pork

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