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About Our Pork & Chicken


Our heritage-breed pigs forage on pasture and produce flavorful, well-marbled meat with a deep red color. They eat a base diet of non-GMO grains and seeds, augmented by apples, pumpkins, acorns, walnuts, grasses, forbs, leafy greens, and occasional dairy and bread discarded from local food banks. Our animals free forage on pasture, receive no non-therapeutic antibiotics, and eat feed that is free of hormones and includes only vitamins and minerals as additives. Our custom feed mix is lower in corn and soy than commercial feed, and excludes crops that use large amounts of neonicotinoid pesticides.

Announcement (6/2022): Our feed costs have increased by 25% since the beginning of the year, and costs for transport and processing are also up. We regretfully cannot absorb these costs further and have updated our pricing to reflect these changes. We don't like it any more than you do! 


Prices Current as of 6/24/2022 -- Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

  • Italics indicate cuts available only intermittently or through special order

  • Contact us at (734) 992-7369 to check availability or check our online store for current stock


Small Cuts

  • Pork Chops $10.50/lb

  • Boneless Loin Chops $11.50/lb

  • Smoked chops $12.50/lb

  • Shoulder Steaks $8.75/lb

  • Tenderloin $15/lb


Roasts and Ribs

  • Boston Butt Roast $8.50/lb

  • Picnic Shoulder Roast $8/lb

  • Loin End Roast $9.75/lb

  • Fresh (uncured) Ham $7.50/lb

  • Spare Ribs $8/lb

  • Baby Back Ribs $12.75/lb

  • Thick Sliced Uncured Belly (Side Pork) $7.50/lb


Bacon & Ham

  • Sliced Bacon $12/lb

  • Slab bacon $8.50/lb

  • Canadian Bacon $14/lb

  • Cottage Bacon (cured and smoked shoulder) $13/lb

  • Sliced Jowl Bacon $10.50/lb

  • Whole Smoked Jowl $9.25/lb

  • Bacon Ends $7.50/lb

  • Smoked Quarter or Half Ham $8/lb

  • Smoked Ham Steaks $9/lb

  • Smoked Ham Hocks $6/lb


Sausage & Ground

  • Bulk Sausage (Breakfast, Chorizo) $8/lb

  • Small Breakfast Links $9/lb

  • Large Links (Bratwurst, Italian, or Polish) $9/lb

  • Plain Ground $7.50/lb


Oddments and Forgotten Treasures​

  • Fresh Jowl $7/lb

  • Fresh Hocks $4.5/lb

  • Liver $5.25/lb

  • Tongue or Heart $4.50/lb

  • Neck Bones $4.25/lb

  • Trotters $3.50/lb

  • Soup Bones $3.25/lb

  • Back, Leaf, or Caul Fat $2.25/lb

  • Whole Head, Skin, Tails $2.25/lb


Half and Whole Hogs

  • Standard cut assortments:

    • Quarter Pig (27.5 lbs) $210​

    • Half Pig (67.5 lbs) $465

    • Whole Pig (137 lbs) $930

  • Custom cut whole hog

    • $4.25/lb hanging weight + cost of processing

    • Custom processing runs $225-$275 per pig, depending on options chosen

    • Roughly $1025 per pig, depending on size at processing and 

  • 25% deposit required ​

Not Pork

  • Whole Bresse Chicken $7.50/lb

  • Whole Stewing Hens & Whole Freedom Ranger Chicken $5.50/lb

  • Extremely free range chicken eggs $4/dozen

  • Extremely free range duck eggs $3/half dozen, $6/dozen

  • Whole heritage turkey (Thanksgiving only) $8/lb

  • Whole free range duck (Seasonal) $8/lb

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