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About Our Pork


Our heritage-breed pigs forage on pasture and produce flavorful, well-marbled meat with a deep red color. They eat a base diet of non-GMO grains and seeds, augmented by apples, pumpkins, acorns, walnuts, grasses, forbs, and leafy greens. Our animals free range, receive no non-therapeutic antibiotics, with feed that is free of hormones and includes only vitamins and minerals as additives. Our custom feed mix is 95% GMO-free, low corn, low soy, and excludes crops that use large amounts of neonicotinoids.


Prices Current as of 1/19/2020 -- Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

  • Italics indicate cuts available only intermittently or through special order

  • Contact us at (734) 992-7369 to check availability


Small Cuts

  • Pork Chops $8.49/lb

  • Boneless Loin Chops $9.29/lb

  • Smoked chops $10.99/lb

  • Shoulder Steaks $7.39/lb

  • Fresh Ham Steaks $6.39/lb

  • Tenderloin $11.89/lb


Roasts and Ribs

  • Shoulder Roast $7.19/lb

  • Loin Roast $7.89/lb

  • Fresh Ham $6.19/lb

  • Whole uncured ham with skin and hock $5.79/lb

  • Spare Ribs $6.79/lb

  • Baby Back Ribs $10.19/lb

  • Fresh Belly Roast $6.39/lb

  • Whole uncured belly skin on $5.99/lb


Bacon & Ham

  • Sliced Bacon $9.59/lb

  • Slab bacon $8.79/lb

  • Canadian Bacon $10.99/lb

  • Cottage Bacon (cured and smoked shoulder) $9.39/lb

  • Sliced Jowl Bacon $8.99/lb

  • Whole Smoked Jowl $8.09/lb

  • Bacon Ends $7.19/lb

  • Smoked Ham $7.69/lb

  • Smoked Ham Steaks $7.99/lb

  • Smoked Ham Hocks $5.89/lb


Sausage & Ground

  • Breakfast Sausage (bulk or caseless links) $6.79/lb

  • Chorizo (bulk) $6.79/lb

  • Bratwurst (large links) $7.69/lb

  • Italian (large links) $7.69/lb

  • Polish (large links) $7.69/lb

  • Plain Ground $6.49/lb


Oddments and Forgotten Treasures​

  • Fresh Jowl $6.19/lb

  • Back Fat $2.59/lb

  • Leaf Fat $2.89/lb

  • Organs $3.79/lb

  • Neck Bones $3.39/lb

  • Soup Bones $2.59/lb

  • Trotters $3.39/lb

  • Tails $2.49/lb

  • Whole Head $2.19/lb

  • Skin $2.09/lb


Half and Whole Hogs

  • Whole Hogs $3.49/lb hanging weight

  • Halves $3.89/lb hanging weight

  • Primals $4.29/lb

  • Prices do not include cost of custom processing

  • 20% deposit required ​

Not Pork (check beforehand for availability)

  • Whole young chicken $6.49/lb

  • Half young chicken $6.79/lb

  • Chicken feet & organs TBD

  • Extremely free range eggs $4/dozen

  • Pastured rabbit $8.19/lb