Home-grown, fresh picked beefsteak slicing tomatoes, grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and or herbicides! Multiple varieties, including Able Lincoln, Old German, Golden Jubilee, Hilbilly, Mr. Stripey, Cherokee Purple, and Brandywine -- availability varies depending on the day. Our main pest is our chickens, who love to eat ripe tomatoes in our garden, so we pick them when they are still a little underripe -- just leave on the counter until they are fully ripe and you will have perfect tomatoes for salad, slicing -- or the world's greatest BLT if you use some of our bacon! Limited quantities. $3/lb. Ordering online? We'll choose your produce for you, bag it, and place on top of the fridge for pick up. Yum!

Tomatoes, heriloom slicers, organic

1 Pound