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A classic seasoned sausage with a mix of herbs, garlic, black pepper, and a touch of red pepper. Extremely versatile, this can be made into patties or rolled into logs to go with breakfast, browned and crumbled for sausage gravy, or even used for meatballs or other dinner preparations. Two varieties -- a standard spice blend, and a "zesty" blend with extra herbs and a little more red pepper kick. Kind of like a Jimmy Dean flavoring, but 1000x juicier thanks to all the pastured pork fat full of omega-3's and unsaturated fats.

Sausage, Breakfast Bulk

  • All of our meat is raised on pasture, fed a low-GMO, low corn, low soy base diet, and forages on pasture. Our butcher vac seals and then flash freezes our cuts.
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