Our Eastern Market Debut!

November 4, 2019

This weekend, we were honored and delighted to sell our pork at Eastern Market in Detroit. It was not just an honor to sell there -- it was great fun, too! The other vendors were really friendly and fun, while the shoppers were knowledgable and many were excited to have a seller of heritage pastured pork, a product nobody else at the market is providing. It was a long and chilly day, but our best day ever in terms of sales.

We were participating via the "Mighty Micros" program they offer, which allows small farms/recently established farms to vend for a few weekends at a reduced rate in order to test the waters. We brought a small chest freezer worth of pork and sold out of several options before the end of the day! 


This kind of action is what we need to help make our farm a viable enterprise rather than just an expensive hobby. We can't wait to go back with even more pork next week, now that we know what customers in Detroit are most interested in.

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