NOTE: We recommend reserving these boxes ahead of time by putting down a $75 deposit; contact us for more info and timing.


An easy way to get an assortment of cuts without breaking the bank or buying a new freezer! We choose a variety of cuts from different parts of the pig to give you a representative sample of roughly 1/4 of a pig. This box contains a minimum of 27.5 lbs of cuts:

  • Center & Rib Chops: 5 lbs (3-4 packs)

  • Boston Butt Roast: 3 lbs (1 roast)

  • Spare Ribs: 1.5 lbs (1 half rack)

  • Ham Steaks or Ham End Roast: 3 lbs (2 packs steaks or 1 roast)

  • Smoked Sliced Bacon: 4 lbs (4 packs)

  • Bulk Breakfast Sausage: 4 lbs (4 packs)

  • Smoked Hocks (optional): 1.5 lbs (1 pack)

  • Back Fat (optional): 2 lbs (1 pack)


This bundle has a retail value of $231 -- buy in bulk and save! A quarter pig will take up about 1-1.5 cubic feet of freezer space (a milk crate is about 1 cubic foot).


Note: "Oddments" are optional but there is no discount for not taking them. Substitutions may be possible, depending on retail value of alternative cut and availability in our inventory -- please inquire first if you want to deviate from the list above.

Butcher Box, Quarter Pig

1 Pound
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  • All of our meat is raised on pasture, fed a low-GMO, low corn, low soy base diet, and forages on pasture. Our butcher vac seals and then flash freezes our cuts.