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About 1 lb each. Base price of $13/lb. Generally must be reserved ahead of time due to demand (only two per pig, and if tenderloin is removed you can't do regular chops, hence we don't have them too frequently.) Our Mulefoot and Mangalitsa crosses generally have smaller tenderloins (about 0.8 lbs).


A note on tenderloin: part of the reason this cut has become so popular in recent years is due to the fat-phobia of the 80's and 90's. Once we bred all of the fat out of our industrial pigs, we also bred out the tenderness and juiciness -- as a result, tenderloin was not only one of the leaner cuts, but one of the less tough ones, making it particularly sought after. Since our pigs are so luxuriously, lusciously fat, all the cuts are juicy and delicious! And since tenderloin naturally has less fat, and is naturally smaller in most heritage breeds, it's not as much of a "star" cut on our farm. But we know that it has some dedicated fans, so we try to offer it as much as we can!

Loin, Tenderlion

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  • All of our meat is raised on pasture, fed a low-GMO, low corn, low soy base diet, and forages on pasture. Our butcher vac seals and then flash freezes our cuts.
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