Ordering A Whole Pig

Want a lot of pork? We can do half and whole hogs! Whole hogs cost $3.50/lb hanging weight plus the cost of custom processing. We usually send pigs to butcher when they are 250-300 pounds. At that size, a heritage breed pig will have a dressed weight (“hanging weight”) of 160-195 lbs and produce 125-155 pounds of meaty cuts; the rest is skin, bones, and organs, which can also be requested from the processor.


For a pig this size you would pay $3.50/lb hanging weight, plus cost of processing. We will transport the pig and can pick up your cuts for you if processed at one of our regular USDA-inspected processors. Our preferred USDA processor is Caledonia Meats outside of Grand Rapids, due to their good selection of sausages, high quality packaging, and certified humane treatment of animals; however, they skin their pigs, meaning that feet, skin, and tails cannot be recovered. For custom processing in our area that preserves these parts, we strongly recommend Dunbar’s in Milan, which also offers smoked sausage and more traditional sausage shapes. Different processors have different strengths and variable wait times; we also work with Countryside Quality Meats in Union City and Devries Meats in Coopersville.

What about halves? These are also $3.50/lb if you go with one of our USDA processors, since that way we can sell the cuts from the other half. If you want to work with a custom processor, then there must be a buyer for the other half. Halves and wholes require the buyer to put down a deposit of about 20% of estimated 

Whole Pig Pricing Example

Whole pig cost breakdown (based on anticipated hanging weight of 160 lbs, which should yield 125 lbs of meat)


  • $3.50 x 160 lbs to us: $560 fee paid to Flight Path Farm

  • Processor fees assuming a “typical” processing with mostly fresh cuts, belly and one ham smoked, and trim plus one ham for sausage: roughly $225 paid to processor

    • Kill Fee: $55

    • Cut and Wrap Fee: $0.60/lb hanging weight

    • Smoking: $1.70/lb meat smoked

    • Sausage: $0.90/lb meat made into links, $0.65/lb for patties, no charge for bulk (loose) sausage

  • Total Cost: $785 (about a 20% saving versus buying by the cut)


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